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West-Georgia based travel nurse Jillian Humphries has dreamed of working as an ER and trauma nurse her entire life, but no amount of schooling could prepare her for what it’s like to actually work in the hospital where, at a moments notice, things can be chaotic. 

Fortunately, Jillian has a close group of friends who often end up working at the same assignment locations as she does. These are the stories of her experiences with traumatic injuries and the relationships she builds along the way.

Inspiration for Becoming a Travel Nurse

Jillian grew up in a small Georgia town called Carrollton. Her mother worked as a pediatrician, and Jillian always wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps by working in the medical field, but Jilly also had a strong desire to get out of Georgia and see the world. However, she wasn’t sure she was cut out to do something really wild like work in another country, as many of her humanitarian college friends had. 

Just before graduation, Jillian was introduced to a twenty-something nurse who traveled for a living. Surprisingly, Jillian had no idea you could travel and practice nursing! The thought intrigued her and she immediately began applying for travel positions she could start the fall after she graduated. 

After being accepted for an assignment at an elite hospital in Denver, Colorado, she was finally on her way to living her best life as a travel nurse. As prepared as Jilly was to enter the workforce, nothing could prepare her for the real world of nursing, and how chaotic this life would prove to be.

Documenting ER/Trauma Stories, One Shift at a Time

As Jillian travels, taking temporary nursing assignments at hospitals across the United States, she navigates her way through the world of nursing, picking up experience and seeing emergencies and traumas that she otherwise would never have had the opportunity to treat. 

Making plenty of mistakes along the way and enjoying her travels, Jilly learns how precious life is and how all it takes is one decision to completely change one’s life. The grey area between right and wrong has never been more prevalent in her life, but Jill will do anything and everything she can to care for her patients, advocate for their rights, and have a blast along the way. 

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