Month: September 2019

“I Have Eyes Only for You”

Scene 1

(Jillian is sitting in her bedroom on the edge of her bed. Her head is hanging and she seems to be crying. Her mother, Susan, walks in and sits next to her.)

“Jillian, honey, is there anything I can do?” Susan says, while softly patting her back.

(Jillian starts to cry more heavily and tries to speak.)

“I- I- I- just don’t understand how this happened,” Jillian barely chokes out.

(Susan stands up suddenly, with anger)

“What do you mean you don’t understand how this happened? This is all your fault, Jill. I don’t know how you could be so foolish.”

(Jillian also rises. She is silently glaring at her mother)

“You know as well as I do that I couldn’t have known what he did when I got to work that day. I have no control over what happened, but I’m thinking I should call him a Salt Lake City car accident lawyer.” Jillian says evenly. “A little support would go a long way right now, mother.”

(Susan approaches Jillian, her finger pointed in Jillian’s face.)

“You mean to tell me that he didn’t tell you anything about what happened before he told police? You live together for God’s sake.” 

(Jillian says nothing, but stares hard at Susan before exiting the room.)

End Scene

Cut to commercial


Scene 2

(The scene opens with Jillian driving along a wide open road before turning into what is clearly a county jail. She parks the car and takes a deep breath before heading inside.)

(The camera watches Jillian as she goes through security and is seated in a cubicle with clear glass and a telephone attached to the wall. A man wearing a bright orange prison jumpsuit is brought to sit opposite Jillian.)

(He picks up the phone. Jillian stares at him silently before also carefully reaching for the phone.)

“Jill, oh my God! thank God you’re here,” Paul whispers into the phone, hurriedly.

“What else was I supposed to do, Paul? Sit at home and watch the news? Or, maybe I should have paid a visit to the funeral home? What the hell did you do?” Jillian responds.

(Paul begins to shake his leg nervously.)

“Aw c’mon babe, ya gotta believe me, it isn’t what you think it is, I promise. You know we were friends for such a long time, that’s all.” 

(Jillian’s eyes light up with fury.)

“Oh okay, you were friends . . . and that’s how she died, huh?” Jillian exclaims angrily. 

(Paul tries to interject to explain his drinking problem, but Jillian hangs up the phone, gets out of her seat, and walks away without another word as Paul continues to call after her.)

End Scene