Month: January 2020

Get It All Done

(The scene opens with Jillian and James sitting on a plane next to each other. Jillian seems anxious. She looks out the window with a frown on her face.)

“Don’t like flying?” asks James.

(Jillian reaches for his hand and smiles lightly)

“No, I’m okay with the flying, I just can’t believe we left things like we did,” Jillian says.

“What more could you have done?” says James “You gave Stella that business card for Custodio & Dubey, LLP so she can file a claim against Paul, right?

(Jillian sighs. She is frustrated.)

“Yes, but that doesn’t change how I feel about taking on a new assignment like this,” says Jillian. “I should have stayed for Stella, especially after what I did.”

(James touches her cheek lightly.)

“You aren’t responsible for Paul, Jill. Breaking up with him was what you needed to do. He’s the one who chose to get shit-faced and drive. It isn’t your fault that he hurt Stella.” says James.

“Maybe not, but I knew he would go and get drunk. Any excuse he could find to drink . . .” (Jillian tears up.) “She’ll never walk again, ya know. She’s only 22 . . .” (Jillian trails off.)

“You already did everything you could have done. It’s time for a fresh start, don’t you think?” asks James. 

(Jillian looks out the window again.)

“I guess…”


End Scene


(The next scene opens outside Jefferson Memorial Hospital. Jillian is dressed in her scrubs and is sitting in her car looking at the hospital. She checks her phone, “No New Messages” flashes on the screen. She takes a breath and gets out of the car and heads towards the hospital.)


End Scene


(The next scene focuses on James. He is sitting on the sofa in what appears to be their new apartment building. He is wearing a suit and tie. He picks up his iPhone and dials. The audience hears the phone ringing and a female voice saying, “Hello?”)

“James Briggs calling for Jason Stewart, please.” says James.

“One moment, please.” says the female voice.

(While James is waiting for Jason Stewart on the phone, he stands up and walks toward the kitchen. On the counter is a thick manila folder. He flips open the folder and looks through the papers. He seems to be looking for something specific.)

“James? It’s been a long time buddy, how ya been?” asks Jason on the other end of the phone.

“I need to cash-in on that favor you owe me, Jason” says James.


End Scene