Month: March 2020

“I Deserve Some Loving Too”

[The scene opens with James standing at the kitchen counter in the new apartment. The last episode has him asking a colleague, Jason Stewart, for a favor. We do not see the entirety of this conversation, we see the end of the conversation.]

“Thanks again, man. Keep me posted. Talk to you soon.” says James. (He taps the End button on his cell phone and the camera pans to the manila folder in front of him. The audience sees a mugshot of Jillian’s ex, Paul, and what looks like Paul’s criminal record.)

(James closes the file and sighs. He takes a sip out of his whiskey glass and stares out the window.)


End Scene


[The scene opens with Jillian standing at a nurse’s station, she is getting her assignments for the day from her new boss.]

“Okay Jillian, so first I just want you to know how grateful we are to have you here. We’ve been really short handed lately and needed a nurse who knows her stuff,” says Naomi, Jillian’s new boss.

“Not a problem at all,” says Jillian, “I’ve always wanted to take an assignment in Washington. I love the rain…” Jillian trails off.

“Well you’ve certainly come to the right place then” Naomi laughs. “I’ve heard a lot about you and I don’t think we need to waste time with a bunch of unnecessary easing in. You had your training for how Jefferson works this morning right?” asks Naomi.

(Jillian nods and smiles) “Yep, we’re all set. I think I can manage”

“Well, good,” says Naomi. “We’ve got an incoming GSW I could use your help on: daughter accidentally shot her father in the shoulder after finding the loaded weapon. Gosh, you’d think in this day and age people would learn that they need to lock their guns up and keep them away from kids, amiright?” Naomi says.

“You would think,” says Jillian, rolling her eyes.

[The emergency room doors open. A paramedic is on each side of the gurney, rolling a man into the ER with a gunshot wound in his left shoulder. The paramedic on the left is applying pressure to the wound. The audience can see the blood seeping through the dressings.]

Left paramedic says, “35 year old male; GSW to the left shoulder; He’s lost a lot of blood; His daughter shot him with a 0.38; The mother and daughter are en route.”

[As Jillian walks forward to take the place of the left paramedic, Naomi calls her from the nurses stand]

“Hey Sam,” Naomi says motioning to another nearby nurse, “Take over for Jillian. Jill, there’s a Savannah personal injury lawyer on the phone for you; Says it’s an emergency.”

[Jillian steps away from the GSW patient and walks towards the nurses station, looking concerned.]

“Hello, this is Jillian,” says Jillian.

[The audience hears a male voice on the other end of the phone.]

“Hi Jilly baby, it’s been a long time.” 

[Jillian’s eyes widen and the scene ends.]