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Deadly Affairs

The scene opens with Jillian working on an elderly male patient in a hospital room. She is taking their blood pressure, administers IV fluids, takes notes in the clients chart, and walks out of the patient’s room, rubbing her eyes. She is approached by another nurse, wearing the same colored scrubs as her.

“Hey, how’s he doing in there?”, she asks.

“Not so well, I don’t think he is going to make it through the night. Has anyone been able to get in touch with his family?” asks Jillian. 

“Not that I know of. His son lives in Indianapolis and struggles with PTSD, so we’re having a hard time getting a hold of him. The only number we have is for the office of his PTSD lawyer, and he’s been in court all day. Giving him this news certainly isn’t going to improve matters for him.” says the nurse. 

(Jillian looks back at the patient’s room.)

“It’s just so sad. He reminds me a lot of my dad . . . or what my dad used to be like anyways.” Jillian says. 

“Well you’re working overnight tonight, right? If nothing else, at least he will have you here with him. Hang in there, I’ll check in with you later.” says the nurse. She walks away.

(Jillian walks over to the nurses station and picks up a tablet. She appears to be typing notes. The nurses station phone rings and Jillian answers it.)

“Fourth floor, can I help you?” she says into the phone. 

(The audience hears a male voice on the other side of the phone.)

“Hi, yeah I was calling because I was just informed that my father’s condition has worsened. I’d like to speak with his doctor, please.” says the male voice.

“What’s your father’s name and date of birth?” asks Jillian.

“His name is George Williams and his birthday is June 23rd, 1941.” says the man on the phone.

(Jillian knows that this is her patient’s son, but she dutifully pulls up her patient’s chart to confirm that this is his son.)

“Yes, hi. This is his nurse, Jillian. Your father stopped communicating with us this morning. He isn’t eating anymore. Unfortunately, his condition is rapidly deteriorating and we were hoping you would be able to come in as soon as possible. I’m so sorry to have to tell you this, but we don’t think he is going to make it through the night. It’s called transitioning.” says Jillian.

(The man is quiet on the phone.)

“Sir?” asks Jillian.

“Yeah, I’m still here. I’ll book a flight and get there as soon as I can.” he says.

“Okay. I’ll be with him all night, so don’t worry. He won’t be alone. Just get here when you can.” says Jillian. “We’ll see you soon, okay?”

“Thank you for looking out for him.” the man says. “I’m on my way.”

(Jillian hangs up the phone and heads back into her patient’s room.)


End Scene


“Normal Again”

When we last saw Jillian, she got a surprising phone call while at her new assignment in Washington. Her new boyfriend, James, was investigating her ex-boyfriend, Paul. Jillian is just trying to get on with her life again after a string of losses at her last nursing assignment.

(The scene opens with Jillian laying on her bed. James is laying beside her and they are both staring up at the ceiling.)

“Do you ever wonder if alternate realities are a thing?” asks Jillian.

James laughs, “I honestly haven’t given it much thought. I guess you have, though.” 

“Well, not obsessively, but sure. I mean, what if this isn’t even real life. Maybe I had a mental breakdown back in Georgia after everything that happened and I’m still there, insane. Everything that’s happening is just a figment of my imagination. It has to be. There is no way you’re real.” 

(She looks over at him and touches the side of his cheek. He leans over and gives her a kiss.)

“That would be so much easier for you, wouldn’t it?” he says as he strokes her hair. “Must be a big change for you, having someone actually give a shit about you.”

She pulls out of the embrace and looks up at him. Her eyes well up with tears, “I mean, yeah, actually.” 

Jillian sits up and pulls her knees to her chest. James sits up and puts his arm around her.

“After my dad called that workers comp lawyer, nothing was ever the same. He let the money go to his head. Nothing else mattered except his next fix…” she trailed off. “This is just all so new to me.” 

“Well, get used to it babe, cuz I’m not going anywhere,” James says with a smile. He gets up and walks over to the kitchen. He pulls out two wine glasses, walks over to the fridge and pulls out a bottle of white wine. He pours them both a glass. 

As he is doing this, Jillian picks up her phone and the audience sees a flashback of the call she received at the hospital on her first day in Washington. She puts her phone down and looks over at James as he walks back to the bed with their wine.

“Speaking of my dad,” Jillian says, “I feel like there is something I need to tell you about him…”


End Scene

“I Deserve Some Loving Too”

[The scene opens with James standing at the kitchen counter in the new apartment. The last episode has him asking a colleague, Jason Stewart, for a favor. We do not see the entirety of this conversation, we see the end of the conversation.]

“Thanks again, man. Keep me posted. Talk to you soon.” says James. (He taps the End button on his cell phone and the camera pans to the manila folder in front of him. The audience sees a mugshot of Jillian’s ex, Paul, and what looks like Paul’s criminal record.)

(James closes the file and sighs. He takes a sip out of his whiskey glass and stares out the window.)


End Scene


[The scene opens with Jillian standing at a nurse’s station, she is getting her assignments for the day from her new boss.]

“Okay Jillian, so first I just want you to know how grateful we are to have you here. We’ve been really short handed lately and needed a nurse who knows her stuff,” says Naomi, Jillian’s new boss.

“Not a problem at all,” says Jillian, “I’ve always wanted to take an assignment in Washington. I love the rain…” Jillian trails off.

“Well you’ve certainly come to the right place then” Naomi laughs. “I’ve heard a lot about you and I don’t think we need to waste time with a bunch of unnecessary easing in. You had your training for how Jefferson works this morning right?” asks Naomi.

(Jillian nods and smiles) “Yep, we’re all set. I think I can manage”

“Well, good,” says Naomi. “We’ve got an incoming GSW I could use your help on: daughter accidentally shot her father in the shoulder after finding the loaded weapon. Gosh, you’d think in this day and age people would learn that they need to lock their guns up and keep them away from kids, amiright?” Naomi says.

“You would think,” says Jillian, rolling her eyes.

[The emergency room doors open. A paramedic is on each side of the gurney, rolling a man into the ER with a gunshot wound in his left shoulder. The paramedic on the left is applying pressure to the wound. The audience can see the blood seeping through the dressings.]

Left paramedic says, “35 year old male; GSW to the left shoulder; He’s lost a lot of blood; His daughter shot him with a 0.38; The mother and daughter are en route.”

[As Jillian walks forward to take the place of the left paramedic, Naomi calls her from the nurses stand]

“Hey Sam,” Naomi says motioning to another nearby nurse, “Take over for Jillian. Jill, there’s a Savannah personal injury lawyer on the phone for you; Says it’s an emergency.”

[Jillian steps away from the GSW patient and walks towards the nurses station, looking concerned.]

“Hello, this is Jillian,” says Jillian.

[The audience hears a male voice on the other end of the phone.]

“Hi Jilly baby, it’s been a long time.” 

[Jillian’s eyes widen and the scene ends.]

Get It All Done

(The scene opens with Jillian and James sitting on a plane next to each other. Jillian seems anxious. She looks out the window with a frown on her face.)

“Don’t like flying?” asks James.

(Jillian reaches for his hand and smiles lightly)

“No, I’m okay with the flying, I just can’t believe we left things like we did,” Jillian says.

“What more could you have done?” says James “You gave Stella that business card for Custodio & Dubey, LLP so she can file a claim against Paul, right?

(Jillian sighs. She is frustrated.)

“Yes, but that doesn’t change how I feel about taking on a new assignment like this,” says Jillian. “I should have stayed for Stella, especially after what I did.”

(James touches her cheek lightly.)

“You aren’t responsible for Paul, Jill. Breaking up with him was what you needed to do. He’s the one who chose to get shit-faced and drive. It isn’t your fault that he hurt Stella.” says James.

“Maybe not, but I knew he would go and get drunk. Any excuse he could find to drink . . .” (Jillian tears up.) “She’ll never walk again, ya know. She’s only 22 . . .” (Jillian trails off.)

“You already did everything you could have done. It’s time for a fresh start, don’t you think?” asks James. 

(Jillian looks out the window again.)

“I guess…”


End Scene


(The next scene opens outside Jefferson Memorial Hospital. Jillian is dressed in her scrubs and is sitting in her car looking at the hospital. She checks her phone, “No New Messages” flashes on the screen. She takes a breath and gets out of the car and heads towards the hospital.)


End Scene


(The next scene focuses on James. He is sitting on the sofa in what appears to be their new apartment building. He is wearing a suit and tie. He picks up his iPhone and dials. The audience hears the phone ringing and a female voice saying, “Hello?”)

“James Briggs calling for Jason Stewart, please.” says James.

“One moment, please.” says the female voice.

(While James is waiting for Jason Stewart on the phone, he stands up and walks toward the kitchen. On the counter is a thick manila folder. He flips open the folder and looks through the papers. He seems to be looking for something specific.)

“James? It’s been a long time buddy, how ya been?” asks Jason on the other end of the phone.

“I need to cash-in on that favor you owe me, Jason” says James.


End Scene

When She Was Bad

Two days ago…

(The scene opens with Jillian sitting on the edge of a bed in an empty hospital room. She is hunched over with her head in her hands.)

(Two police officers knock on the open door.)

“Jillian Humphries?”

(Jillian lifts her head slowly to look at the officers.)

“Yea … that’s me,” she says slowly.

(She rubs her forehead as if she is tired.)

Officer 1 says, “I understand Paul is your husband?”

“He’s my boyfriend…but, yeah,” says Jillian. “What sort of trouble has he gotten into this time?”

“Miss, your boyfriend has been involved in a car accident. We believe he was under the influence of cocaine at the time of the accident,” says Officer 2.

(Jillian rises to stand. She walks closer to Officer 2.)

“Please don’t tell me he’s hurt someone,” Jillian says.

Officer 1 says, “There were multiple vehicles involved. Miss, there was only one survivor. Four people are dead.”

(The camera focuses on Jillian, who is grasping her chest as if she has lost her breath.)

“This can’t be happening,” says Jillian, incredulously. “What about Paul? Is he dead, too?”

“No, he suffered only minor injuries, miss. As soon as he’s cleared medically, we’re going to be bringing him into the station for booking. Once he’s booked, you’ll be able to post his bail,” says Officer 2.

(Jillian stares blankly ahead as if she is in shock.)

Officer 1 says, “Is there someone we can call for you? Do you have any questions for us before we go?”

(Jillian walks to the window of the hospital room, pulling out her cell phone.) 

“No, I think I understand,” she says carefully.

“Here’s my card if you need anything,” says Officer 2.

(Jillian takes the business card, and the police officers leave the room. Jillian turns back toward the window and begins to make a phone call.)

(The audience can hear faint ringing and then the tone to leave a voicemail.)

“Mom? It’s Jill. I know it’s been a while, but I really screwed up this time. I need your help. I don’t know what to do. Please call me,” says Jillian as she leaves her mother a voice message.

(She looks out the window, clearly overcome with emotion, and begins to cry, quietly.)

(The camera pulls out of the room and focuses on a male patient watching Jillian cry. He starts to take a step into the room but changes his mind. The man is seen walking toward the police officers and the scene ends with him talking (soundlessly) to the police officers.)

End Scene


(The scene opens with Jillian sitting alone at a round cafeteria table at the hospital. She is thumbing through a magazine and eating a salad.)

(A man the audience has never seen before approaches Jillian and sits down at the table.)

“Jillian, right?” Says the man.

“Yea, and you’re James,” Jillian says with a smile. “How are you feeling?” 

(James runs his hand through his hair.) “I mean, as good as can be expected. You just can’t prepare for something like this,” James says with a shrug.

(Jillian puts down her magazine and reaches across the table to squeeze James’ hand.) “I know…” 

(She trails off. Their eyes meet and it’s clear that there is a spark between them. Jillian releases James’ hand to ease the tension.) 

“You know her family has been here all night waiting to talk to you.”

(James sits back in his chair and sighs.) 

“I don’t even know what I would say to them. I want to be able to help. . . I want to be able to give them answers, but I don’t even know what to say” says James

(Jillian leans forward to speak to him more privately.) “James, you did everything you could. The auto injuries were just too severe.” (She again reaches out to touch his arm.) 

“You know, not many people would have done, or could have done, what you did. I know you don’t want to hear it, but you really are a hero.” Jillian says.

(Their eyes meet again and Jillian rises to stand.) 

“Do you want me to tell them you aren’t ready to see anyone yet?” Says Jillian

James says “No. I’ll go find them after I grab something to eat. I should just get it over with.”

“If you want to take some time no one would fault you. You’re probably more traumatized from the accident than you think you are, ya know,” says Jillian.

(She starts to back away as if to leave. James rides to follow her and they begin to walk out of the cafeteria and down the hall of the hospital.) 

“And what about you?” James asks.

(Jillian looks tired and sighs.) 

“What about me? I’m fine,” Jillian says.

(They walk down another empty hallway. James stops Jillian so they can talk. They are standing close.)

“No, you’re not fine. I’m not fine. None of this is fine.”

(Jillian looks at him closely.)

“I don’t know what you mean,” She says.

(James touches her shoulder softly.) 

“You and I both know this has been hard on you too. I was there when you found out.”

(Jillian looks stunned and can’t stop a tear from rolling down her cheek.)

“I don’t know what to do anymore,” She cries.

(James pulls her in for a hug. She looks up at him after a moment. Their eyes lock and just as they move in to kiss, the scene ends.)

End Scene

“I Have Eyes Only for You”

Scene 1

(Jillian is sitting in her bedroom on the edge of her bed. Her head is hanging and she seems to be crying. Her mother, Susan, walks in and sits next to her.)

“Jillian, honey, is there anything I can do?” Susan says, while softly patting her back.

(Jillian starts to cry more heavily and tries to speak.)

“I- I- I- just don’t understand how this happened,” Jillian barely chokes out.

(Susan stands up suddenly, with anger)

“What do you mean you don’t understand how this happened? This is all your fault, Jill. I don’t know how you could be so foolish.”

(Jillian also rises. She is silently glaring at her mother)

“You know as well as I do that I couldn’t have known what he did when I got to work that day. I have no control over what happened, but I’m thinking I should call him a Salt Lake City car accident lawyer.” Jillian says evenly. “A little support would go a long way right now, mother.”

(Susan approaches Jillian, her finger pointed in Jillian’s face.)

“You mean to tell me that he didn’t tell you anything about what happened before he told police? You live together for God’s sake.” 

(Jillian says nothing, but stares hard at Susan before exiting the room.)

End Scene

Cut to commercial


Scene 2

(The scene opens with Jillian driving along a wide open road before turning into what is clearly a county jail. She parks the car and takes a deep breath before heading inside.)

(The camera watches Jillian as she goes through security and is seated in a cubicle with clear glass and a telephone attached to the wall. A man wearing a bright orange prison jumpsuit is brought to sit opposite Jillian.)

(He picks up the phone. Jillian stares at him silently before also carefully reaching for the phone.)

“Jill, oh my God! thank God you’re here,” Paul whispers into the phone, hurriedly.

“What else was I supposed to do, Paul? Sit at home and watch the news? Or, maybe I should have paid a visit to the funeral home? What the hell did you do?” Jillian responds.

(Paul begins to shake his leg nervously.)

“Aw c’mon babe, ya gotta believe me, it isn’t what you think it is, I promise. You know we were friends for such a long time, that’s all.” 

(Jillian’s eyes light up with fury.)

“Oh okay, you were friends . . . and that’s how she died, huh?” Jillian exclaims angrily. 

(Paul tries to interject to explain his drinking problem, but Jillian hangs up the phone, gets out of her seat, and walks away without another word as Paul continues to call after her.)

End Scene

“Kill Me”

Scene 1

(The scene opens at Gregory Daniels Memorial Hospital in the Emergency Dept; there are patients everywhere being treated. We see Jillian enter into a trauma room. The patient appears to be unconscious.)

“What have you got for me?” Jillian says.

“22-year-old female. Apparent broken leg. Suffered a possible brain injury in a car crash.” says a young intern.

(Jillian goes to take her pulse) “Pulse rate is low, patient is bradycardic. Let’s get her into a room and set up for an EKG. Monitor her vitals closely while I do rounds.”

(Jillian exits the room and moves onto the next hospital room.) 

(An older woman of color is laying lifeless in a bed. Jillian walks over and holds her hand. The woman’s eyes flicker open.

“How are you feeling today?” Jillian asks. 

(The woman gives Jillian the side eye without saying anything.)

“I’m just asking” she says with a shrug. Jillian sits down in the chair next to the patient, still holding her hand. 

“I postponed Boston for another six weeks so I can stay with you. The doctor says we are going to start physical therapy soon.” (Jillian smiles, an attempt to brighten the mood.)

(The woman laying in the bed slaps Jillian’s hand away, angrily.)

(Jillian looks stunned.) “Oh my goodness, what has gotten into you today?” Jillian asks.

(The woman struggles to a seated position, she will not allow Jillian to help her despite Jillian’s attempts.)

“Stella!” Jillian exclaims. “Let me help you, please, let me help you.”

(Stella continues to push Jillian away until she is able to sit up and look at Jillian. The camera zooms focuses squarely on Stella’s face.) She whispers, “Kill me.”




End Scene

Cut to commercial


Scene 2

(The scene opens in Stella’s hospital room, immediately after she asks Jillian to kill her.)

(Jillian stares wide-eyed at Stella, her mouth dropped open in horror.)

“No, Stella, what do you mean? You’ve started to make progress, your vitals are good. Once you start therapy your quality of life will improve, you’ll see. Trust me.” says Jillian.

(She begins to fluff the pillows behind Stella’s back. Stella says nothing but is looking pleadingly into Jillian’s eyes. She touches Jillian’s arm softly, then grasps it again, silently.)

(Jillian looks down at Stella, with tears in her eyes.)

“Stella, I can’t. I can’t lose you. Not after all we’ve been through together.” Jillian says. 

(Stella squeezes Jillian’s wrist tightly, but quickly. She blinks twice.)

(With tears in her eyes, Jillian sits down on the side of the bed, right next to Stella and hugs her tightly. The camera focuses on Jillian’s face hugging Stella.)

(She closes her eyes briefly then opens them.) “I’ll do it.” Jillian whispers.

The scene ends and cuts to black. 

End Scene.