Deadly Affairs

Deadly Affairs

The scene opens with Jillian working on an elderly male patient in a hospital room. She is taking their blood pressure, administers IV fluids, takes notes in the clients chart, and walks out of the patient’s room, rubbing her eyes. She is approached by another nurse, wearing the same colored scrubs as her.

“Hey, how’s he doing in there?”, she asks.

“Not so well, I don’t think he is going to make it through the night. Has anyone been able to get in touch with his family?” asks Jillian. 

“Not that I know of. His son lives in Indianapolis and struggles with PTSD, so we’re having a hard time getting a hold of him. The only number we have is for the office of his PTSD lawyer, and he’s been in court all day. Giving him this news certainly isn’t going to improve matters for him.” says the nurse. 

(Jillian looks back at the patient’s room.)

“It’s just so sad. He reminds me a lot of my dad . . . or what my dad used to be like anyways.” Jillian says. 

“Well you’re working overnight tonight, right? If nothing else, at least he will have you here with him. Hang in there, I’ll check in with you later.” says the nurse. She walks away.

(Jillian walks over to the nurses station and picks up a tablet. She appears to be typing notes. The nurses station phone rings and Jillian answers it.)

“Fourth floor, can I help you?” she says into the phone. 

(The audience hears a male voice on the other side of the phone.)

“Hi, yeah I was calling because I was just informed that my father’s condition has worsened. I’d like to speak with his doctor, please.” says the male voice.

“What’s your father’s name and date of birth?” asks Jillian.

“His name is George Williams and his birthday is June 23rd, 1941.” says the man on the phone.

(Jillian knows that this is her patient’s son, but she dutifully pulls up her patient’s chart to confirm that this is his son.)

“Yes, hi. This is his nurse, Jillian. Your father stopped communicating with us this morning. He isn’t eating anymore. Unfortunately, his condition is rapidly deteriorating and we were hoping you would be able to come in as soon as possible. I’m so sorry to have to tell you this, but we don’t think he is going to make it through the night. It’s called transitioning.” says Jillian.

(The man is quiet on the phone.)

“Sir?” asks Jillian.

“Yeah, I’m still here. I’ll book a flight and get there as soon as I can.” he says.

“Okay. I’ll be with him all night, so don’t worry. He won’t be alone. Just get here when you can.” says Jillian. “We’ll see you soon, okay?”

“Thank you for looking out for him.” the man says. “I’m on my way.”

(Jillian hangs up the phone and heads back into her patient’s room.)


End Scene


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