“Kill Me”

“Kill Me”

Scene 1

(The scene opens at Gregory Daniels Memorial Hospital in the Emergency Dept; there are patients everywhere being treated. We see Jillian enter into a trauma room. The patient appears to be unconscious.)

“What have you got for me?” Jillian says.

“22-year-old female. Apparent broken leg. Suffered a possible brain injury in a car crash.” says a young intern.

(Jillian goes to take her pulse) “Pulse rate is low, patient is bradycardic. Let’s get her into a room and set up for an EKG. Monitor her vitals closely while I do rounds.”

(Jillian exits the room and moves onto the next hospital room.) 

(An older woman of color is laying lifeless in a bed. Jillian walks over and holds her hand. The woman’s eyes flicker open.

“How are you feeling today?” Jillian asks. 

(The woman gives Jillian the side eye without saying anything.)

“I’m just asking” she says with a shrug. Jillian sits down in the chair next to the patient, still holding her hand. 

“I postponed Boston for another six weeks so I can stay with you. The doctor says we are going to start physical therapy soon.” (Jillian smiles, an attempt to brighten the mood.)

(The woman laying in the bed slaps Jillian’s hand away, angrily.)

(Jillian looks stunned.) “Oh my goodness, what has gotten into you today?” Jillian asks.

(The woman struggles to a seated position, she will not allow Jillian to help her despite Jillian’s attempts.)

“Stella!” Jillian exclaims. “Let me help you, please, let me help you.”

(Stella continues to push Jillian away until she is able to sit up and look at Jillian. The camera zooms focuses squarely on Stella’s face.) She whispers, “Kill me.”




End Scene

Cut to commercial


Scene 2

(The scene opens in Stella’s hospital room, immediately after she asks Jillian to kill her.)

(Jillian stares wide-eyed at Stella, her mouth dropped open in horror.)

“No, Stella, what do you mean? You’ve started to make progress, your vitals are good. Once you start therapy your quality of life will improve, you’ll see. Trust me.” says Jillian.

(She begins to fluff the pillows behind Stella’s back. Stella says nothing but is looking pleadingly into Jillian’s eyes. She touches Jillian’s arm softly, then grasps it again, silently.)

(Jillian looks down at Stella, with tears in her eyes.)

“Stella, I can’t. I can’t lose you. Not after all we’ve been through together.” Jillian says. 

(Stella squeezes Jillian’s wrist tightly, but quickly. She blinks twice.)

(With tears in her eyes, Jillian sits down on the side of the bed, right next to Stella and hugs her tightly. The camera focuses on Jillian’s face hugging Stella.)

(She closes her eyes briefly then opens them.) “I’ll do it.” Jillian whispers.

The scene ends and cuts to black. 

End Scene.

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