When She Was Bad

When She Was Bad

Two days ago…

(The scene opens with Jillian sitting on the edge of a bed in an empty hospital room. She is hunched over with her head in her hands.)

(Two police officers knock on the open door.)

“Jillian Humphries?”

(Jillian lifts her head slowly to look at the officers.)

“Yea … that’s me,” she says slowly.

(She rubs her forehead as if she is tired.)

Officer 1 says, “I understand Paul is your husband?”

“He’s my boyfriend…but, yeah,” says Jillian. “What sort of trouble has he gotten into this time?”

“Miss, your boyfriend has been involved in a car accident. We believe he was under the influence of cocaine at the time of the accident,” says Officer 2.

(Jillian rises to stand. She walks closer to Officer 2.)

“Please don’t tell me he’s hurt someone,” Jillian says.

Officer 1 says, “There were multiple vehicles involved. Miss, there was only one survivor. Four people are dead.”

(The camera focuses on Jillian, who is grasping her chest as if she has lost her breath.)

“This can’t be happening,” says Jillian, incredulously. “What about Paul? Is he dead, too?”

“No, he suffered only minor injuries, miss. As soon as he’s cleared medically, we’re going to be bringing him into the station for booking. Once he’s booked, you’ll be able to post his bail,” says Officer 2.

(Jillian stares blankly ahead as if she is in shock.)

Officer 1 says, “Is there someone we can call for you? Do you have any questions for us before we go?”

(Jillian walks to the window of the hospital room, pulling out her cell phone.) 

“No, I think I understand,” she says carefully.

“Here’s my card if you need anything,” says Officer 2.

(Jillian takes the business card, and the police officers leave the room. Jillian turns back toward the window and begins to make a phone call.)

(The audience can hear faint ringing and then the tone to leave a voicemail.)

“Mom? It’s Jill. I know it’s been a while, but I really screwed up this time. I need your help. I don’t know what to do. Please call me,” says Jillian as she leaves her mother a voice message.

(She looks out the window, clearly overcome with emotion, and begins to cry, quietly.)

(The camera pulls out of the room and focuses on a male patient watching Jillian cry. He starts to take a step into the room but changes his mind. The man is seen walking toward the police officers and the scene ends with him talking (soundlessly) to the police officers.)

End Scene

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